Outdoor 50m Pool at Sleeman Sports Complex


You must comply with these conditions of entry and follow instructions displayed within this Facility or given by us (and any person appointed by us to manage the Facility) from time to time.

You must not smoke in this Facility or within 5 metres of each Facility entrance.

No alcohol, illegal or offensive substances or items, weapons, glass or sharp objects or oversized items of any kind are permitted in this Facility.

The use of cameras, audio or video recorders and other recording devises within this Facility is strictly prohibited, unless we specifically advise otherwise.

We reserve the right to conduct bag searches and body wanding, and to confiscate prohibited items and items which in our opinion may cause injury or a nuisance to patrons using the Facility.

You must not obstruct entry, exit or general movement of any person using the Facility.

All children 14 years and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (aged 18 years or older) at all times.

Offensive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction from the Facility.

We may evict or refuse entry to any person at our discretion.

You enter and use this Facility at your own risk.

We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property, whether in the facility or elsewhere.

We do not accept liability for any injury or death to any person whilst in the Facility.

You indemnify us against any loss, damage or claim which may arise from your entry or use of this Facility or the entry or use by minors in your care or control.

To the extent permitted at law, you release us from all claims and liability in respect of, and indemnify us fully against claims or liability to any other person and expense we incur or may incur in respect of any personal injury, death, theft, loss or damage arising from your entry into, and use of this facility or the entry or use by minors in your care or control.

Stadiums Queensland is collecting your personal information on CCTV in this area for the purpose of venue security and public safety. Footage may be provided to the Queensland Police Service. All personal information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

“We” and “us” refers to Stadiums Queensland, its employees, agents and contractors.